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‘THE’ DISTANCE SPECIALISTS of Texas ,The SouthWest & The South 

More Fun Runs & Events coming in at our Facility in Lancaster, TX  Just 20 minutes from Downtown Dallas

Upcoming 2020 Trial Dates:

  • November 14-15, 2020  Terrell, TX  Closed. Awesome Fun!

  • December 5-6, 2020  Terrell, TX  Premium by clicking here!

 MarchMay & November 2020 We Stayed Safe and still ran :)

May 2020 Banner

Dress Up Something Contest October 2019… AWESOME!

FBCover_Halloween 2019_Canvas jpeg

 Some pics from the past: 

                 I Miss My Partners Wyatt & Tank :(        Family :)

Wyatt 4 pic collage April 17 2020   Tank & Ed Mountain Dog Hold Colorado Miss My Wyatt & Tank

Memorial Day 2019: 

                 Our Clan                 Louie & Rookie Birthday Boys!

Us Memorial Day 2019 Family  Louie & Rookie Birthday Pic


Our Clan Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Our Clan Memorial Day 2017 & December 2016 :)

Us Christmas Trial Family 2016


 Halloween too :)

Violet Cheerleader got crush on Misiu Packer       Kona Bear Lion   roARDetroit Vic, The Refs Titus Pollo & Bruce Eddy, Green Bay Misiu and Cheerleader Violet (2)


Our Clan   Millie, Rookie, Cathy & Kona, Violet, Courtney, Tank, Zack, Wyatt & Me

IMG_5529 IMG_5637 IMG_5738

More Events coming in at our Facility in Lancaster, TX  Just 20 minutes from Downtown Dallas.

Find Trial & Fun Run Pics -  Link in Events Section! 

Cathy & Rookie Natch 2 November 2015

Cathy & Rookie NATCH 2!!  November 2015

Our Agility Herd & Family October 2015

Our Crew Halloween 2015

A Few pics here and below from one of our Championships…

Wyatt Tre Sashes Cathy Ed Tank Wyatt Zack Champs 2015

A Few Videos of Tank, Wyatt & Zack’s runs from our 2015 Championships:



Other Upcoming Run As One Agility Trials:

December Trial Premium Available in a few weeks Under Events Section!


Now Scheduling 2020 Classes… Just click on the Services ‘bone’ button above for descriptions.

A Few More 2015 Champs pics including Wyatt & His Sashe.. Remembering Our Bud Don Cuda & With Our Member Attendees..and Their Dog Partners :)

Wyatt & Ed First Sash Champs 2015        Don Banner Champs 2015

Thank You to Everyone Who Made Our LUKE’S FIELD Inaugural Trial most Special!  

More Photos coming Soon!

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Tank & Ed NATCH 12

Tank & Ed NATCH 12 Memorial Day Weekend Trial 2015

Our Herd Memorial Day 2014  Buzzed off w CK

Please Be sure to check out our Events page and calendar for all currently scheduled 2016 Run As One Agility Trial dates… and check back often for other updates.


Championships October 2013

Tank Ed Sharon Champion 2013 edt       Wyatt Ed Sharon 3rd Champs 2013 edt

                    Tank 2013 Champion                      Wyatt ‘Distance’ Stakes 3rd Place


Ed, Cathy & The Herd! 

Tank Trophy

 My Boy Tank… He Did It Again!

Highest Scoring TX Pole edt

…And Icing on That Cake :)  


About Run As One Agility

Ed Scharringhausen’s Run As One Agility, LLC is the first global nadac-affiliated Intercontinental Agility club with members on multiple continents.


Ed currently resides in Lancaster, Texas (yep, we moved from Plano). I have been training and performing agility for over 16 years. While having earned USDAA, ASCA & NADAC Championship titles including AdCh, AtCh and multiple NATCH’s & V-NATCH’s, …In the past I handled my Two-Time North American Grand Champion Tank, (RIP) my Extreme Distance Dog Wyatt, (God Love my long lost Luke), and my former youngee Zack., Guest Man & Brite.  Tank, Wyatt and Zack, Guest Man, & Brite are all rescues. Combined they have earned Top North American, Breed, State and counless awards & High In Trials and High In Classes. In 2009 Ed & Tank were recipients of the coveted Lucky Award, an honor awarded by NADAC Founder and President Sharon Nelson. They are only the fourth Dog/Handler Team in NADAC’s History to receive this coveted honor. Ed and his dogs have also earned Multiple North American Top 10 Awards including (among others) Top Run Indexes and Distance Bonus Points. Ed is The Only True Distance Agility Instructor in Texas and the South West & Southern United States. He is also the only Handler in Texas and the South West & Southern United States to have qualified, competed and placed in the North American Championships Distance Stakes several years when they were particularly challenging with a small pool of the countries best Distance Handlers and well run under Sharon Nelson.

“Agility is about the relationship between the dog/handler team and their ability to overcome the many course challenges in a safe and fun environment. We encourage forward impulsion, extension and detailed focus on the dog’s path. When it comes to training at Run As One Agility, the most well-rounded handlers should have distance and close-in handling skills along with strong bonds with their dogs. We will encourage you to work away from your dog with movement and commands while teaching them as they make choices.” - Ed Scharringhausen Run As One’s objectives include:

    • Agility Trials – Holding exemplary trials for all skill levels of dogs and handlers. It is Ed’s hope to deliver safe and fun-filled events for dogs and handlers in several locations throughout Texas and the Southwest U.S. Run As One’s goal is to continue expanding across the U.S.


    • Classes, Group, Individual and Seminar Training – Opportunities will be available for all levels of dogs and handlers to build their skills. Training includes well-organized and often personalized learning experiences from pre-agility, fundamentals, beginner handling, to advanced to even more advanced & Expert distance handling. Seminars are designed, based on and adapted to Attendee Teams existing skill sets, feedback and of course the relationship between you and your dog. No “Cookie Cutter” or “One Size Fits All Systems”. Please see the ‘Services’ section of the website for more information

Pre-Agility & Agility Classes New Sessions Begin October & November

Early Evenings -

For Application Form Please See Services


  • Encouraging members, participants and their dog partners to RUN AS ONE!

To read our complete mission statement, please click here.

 Run As One Agility Announcements


Premium November 14-15, 2020 Cover Pic

Zack Natch

Zack NATCH November 2015!

Lukes Field Sign Cropped

LUKE’S FIELD is Open For Business :)

           Our Herd Memorial Day 2014

             Our Herd Memorial Day 2014

Chairman Luke Always said: “Hug Your Dogs “ :) 

Chairman Luke Labor Day Crawler



2020 Trial Dates are on the Calendar!  

See Events Page

  Our Herd Memorial Day Weekend 2013




Tank HIT March AK9X 2013 jpeg

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