January 10, 2009 was an absolutely perfect day for a little black dog that had been through a lot in his whole 6 months of life. That was the day Rookie became part of the Kuebler/Scharringhausen family!

Picked up on the streets of Arlington, TX in September 2008, the scared puppy could only use his instincts to stay alive until he could get to the safe haven of NADAC’s then home base in Calera, Ok. Sharon and Becky were at the Arlington shelter to pick up another dog when they saw my little guy. Sharon asked about him and was told he had been scheduled to be euthanized the day before but they hadn’t been able to catch him. He was back on the schedule for that day. Sharon asked if they could take him and the response was “if you can catch him, you can have him”. As the story goes, it took some time but between Sharon and Becky, the catch was finally made and my little boy was saved!

Rookie spent the next few months trying to get used to people and gaining confidence in the human race. Ed saw Rookie one weekend day then drove home and told me I had to see him. He said there was something amazing in this new rescue dog’s eyes. I first saw him in the alley of the arena in a coyote pen where, anytime Sharon, Becky, or anyone else walked by they would throw him a treat. After a while he would take a treat from your hand and then allow a pet on the head. He eventually got comfortable enough to move into the house.

And then, on a Sunday afternoon at a Calera Fund Raiser in early January, Sharon brought him out for socialization. I offered to walk him, and well, it was all over. He ended up in our crating area sitting in between our dog’s crates and decided that was just where he should be.

We didn’t take him that day, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. I finally emailed Sharon on Wednesday to say I wanted to adopt him only to find out there was someone else interested in him. Having to trust that things work out the way they’re supposed to, I had to wait…patience isn’t something I’m known for. By the end of the week Sharon emailed to say the other person needed a smaller dog! So, on January 10, 2009, we drove to Calera to pick up that little black dog. He ended up with the name Rookie because that was exactly what he was in our household – the Rookie, a true blessing. He is now my fun partner in agility and a proud member of our household.
~Cathy Kuebler (a.k.a. Rookie’s Mom)

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