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rookieA little over four years ago I went to Calera, OK (NADAC headquarters at the time) for a funraiser and saw this rescue in need of a home. A black mix of maybe Lab and Border Collie maybe something else…possibly PitBull. He had eyes like no dog I had ever seen. Wisdom in a puppy? Intensity with a smile? Something amazing about him… and he needed a home. I drove home to tell Cathy about him.

It turns out, he was a day away from being put down before NADAC Rescue saved him… along with the fact that the shelter staff could not catch him. We think he knew getting leashed back then was a bad thing and he was smart enough to keep from getting the walk down that dark hall way. Rookie is very very smart.

Anyway, the next weekend I introduced Cathy to him. Shortly thereafter she was out in the fields walking with him on leash. I was running and judging and building courses over the next hour or two and when I looked for Cathy she was now sitting in the field with him. “Looks like we’re taking him home” I thought. A few days later that’s exactly what we did.

Now what to name him? Hmmmm….

As the youngest and with plans to run Agility with him we ultimately settled on “Rookie”, as he was the Rookie of our Herd. Turns out he grew into a Man-Child. He’s the biggest in our house at over 23 inches and around 60 pounds. The Lab in him makes him easy going and fit right in the middle of the bed…as if we have much choice. The BC part of him is athletic, fast, very smart (also attributable to his potential PitBull heritage).

So, not enough chaos in the house…in June of 2010, I ended up transporting a dog from one rescue shelter ultimately to Calera. Just one problem? No one was at Calera for a few weeks so we agreed to keep him during that two week period. Uh oh! Not good for an already one time foster failure. His name is Zack. You guessed it. I became attached to him right away. An owner surrender, he was probably too high strung and not a good fit for some family or families. Sad for them, Great for us!!!

He actually did make it to Calera after the two weeks were up… for about 15 minutes so Becky, Marj & Bruce could meet him. Then we went to the Vet got his first shots and it was official. Our home was his home.

Rookie’s Videos



Zack is a streamlined version of our Wyatt – fast, sweet, smart and a lot of puppy…but with a wild streak. He doesn’t want to miss anything and already thinks every toy in the house should be his. Oh, and the other 5 dogs… we believe Zack thinks they are there simply to play with him… all the time. Fortunately, all fit well together. And now even Zack is running after his ‘inaugural” weekend in Colorado in the summer of 2011. Zack has quickly progressed and has already earned 2 titles!

It is incredible how NADAC Rescue has opened our lives and in a few cases our home. We are all lucky to have some of the greatest gifts humans can only try to be worthy of… ‘Our Dogs’. Cathy & I are lucky to have our young ones…. Rookie and Zack. We would have it no other way.

Please check out our ‘Charity’ page for information on donating to NADAC rescue, or other causes that we believe in and hope you might too!


Zack’s Videos

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