Below is a listing of descriptions for attendance and optimal results.

NOTE: While handlers may have various levels of skills, the key to each level is your understanding of where you are with the specific dog with whom you are planning on attending the seminar or class. These are guidelines.

We do limit class and seminar attendees to maximize our time and enhance your training experience. These are primarily working classes and seminars with both group and individual attention.

Each dog should be comfortable in a group setting, safe, and under handler control. All dogs must be current on and have proof of Rabies Vaccination.

For further information, private lessons, or questions, please contact Ed directly at

New Location

South Dallas MetroPlex!  3031 S. Houston School Rd   Lancaster, TX 75146

Private Lessons and Classes Available. Check back regularly for Updates.



Seminar Levels (Content & Locations will vary):

Past topics have included Distance, All Classes Perspective & Strategies, Equipment Performance, Speed Building, and The Bond Between You and Your Dog. We have accommodated clubs and groups by dividing seminar days for big dogs, small dogs, fast dogs, slow dogs, etc. Below are guidelines used for Distance Handling Group Seminars.

    • halfflagpawPre-Agility - This is for pre-Beginner/Novice to Beginner/Novice level agility teams. Agility equipment proficiency is not necessary. No prior Agility experience necessary. We teach fundamental commands and foundation building with you and your dog(s). For Application form Click Here


    • oneflagpawNovice/Beginner - This is for the dog that is currently trialing, has basic commands (i.e., sit, stay, come), and is training on and familiar with most agility equipment.


    • twoflagpawAdvanced Beginner – This is for the dog/handler team that is working from a consistent minimum distance of 5 to 10 feet from one another.


    • threeflagpawAdvanced – This is for the dog/handler team that is working from a consistent minimum distance of at least one obstacle sequence or more. This team should be targeting handling from a center ring location and layering obstacles.


    • fourflagpawAdvanced/Elite – This is for the dog/handler team that is working from a consistent minimum distance of at least one to two obstacle sequences or more and are pushing the envelope on their distance.


    • fiveflagpawExperienced/Elite – This is for the dog/handler team that is past Advanced Elite Distance handling and working to add and/or improve commands & timing. The goal should be working well away from your dog and understanding our “path” concept.

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Classes will generally encourage but not demand building distance, slowly from beginning levels thru Elite.

Classes offered are Pre Agility/Fundamentals, Novice/Beginner Agility, Mid-Level/Advanced/Open Agility, Elite/Experienced Agility, Beginner Distance Handling & Advanced Distance Handling

2020 Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall Class Schedule Below:

Class Sessions Starting Soon! Email me if Interested :) All interested please fill-out the information form below

Pre-Agility / Fundmentals Classes: Wednesdays at 5:30pm  

Also: Currently Tuesday 9:30 am openings

Beginner & Novice Agility Classes : Select Tuesdays & Wednesdays 7:30am, 8:30am, 4:30pm & 5:30pm   

Advanced & Open/Elite Agility Classes: Mondays at 5:30pm  Wednesday 6:30pm  

Currently Tuesday morning 7:00am, 8:30am openings

Advanced Distance Agility Handling Class  (Requires pre-testing)

Wednesdays at 8:00am, 9:00am  and 4:30pm

Advanced & Open/ Beginner Distance Agility Classes Resume:

Thursdays 7:00am, 8:00am  AND  Thursday 5:30pm (Requires pre-testing)

Some Saturday mornings available on request :)

Private Lessons also currently underway and available for scheduling.  We may also continue to have some flexibility on class time scheduling as groups are scheduled.


Class Levels:

Application Form on Link Below

    • halfpawPre-Agility – This is for pre-Novice to Novice level agility teams. Agility equipment proficiency is not necessary .No prior Agility experience necessary. We teach and test on fundamental commands and foundation building with you and your dog(s). Pre-Agility essentially teaches you how to handle a performance dog. This class is great even if you have no desire to do agility. Each Class Level lasts ~6-10 weeks with testing you should pass to move on to the next level. There are three Levels. Completion consists of passing certain tests. For example:
      • Level I – Eye attention, sit-stay for a few seconds, handling the leash, walking on leash, come, recalls… There are already plenty of distractions at this level without needing any artificial ones.
      • Level II – Introduced distractions, Longer eye attention, Longer sit, longer stay, further handler distance ( up to 15′ for 20-30 seconds), down, further recalls…
      • Level III – Greater Distractions, Side turns/spins, longer sit, stay, down, (up to 1 minute each), quicker recall, etc.

      Your dog will always be on a long or short leash! Successful completion allows entry into Novice Agility Classes. Teams are eligible to “Test Out” of Levels.     Application form Click Here!


    • onepaw
      Novice – This is the introduction to actual equipment and agility. Pre-Agility skills are a must. No equipment familiarity or prior agility handling necessary. Class schedules are based on group skill, schedule and space availability. Handlers may test out of this level to advance as space becomes available.


    • twopaw
      Advanced/Open – This is for the dog/handler team that has shown good Novice skills and is building both bond and understanding of agiity. The goal at this level is to build on skills, commands, timing, your movment, strategy etc., while working from a further consistent minimum distance. We will build on obstacle layering and spacing you way from your dog. Path is a big topic in this level and all levels to come..


    • 3paw
      Elite – This is for the dog/handler team that is working or building to a consistent minimum distance of at least one to two obstacle sequences or more. We will evolve into multiple Elite Levels based on group skills matching and number of attendees. Ultimately we have Elite Distance level classes for those really pushing the envelope on their distance handling.

While we train our dogs close-in skills too, We Are THE ONLY Real Distance Specialists in Texas and the South West having taught, competed and been awarded Nationally in Distance  AND Extreme Distance Agility.

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Private Lessons

To schedule private lessons, attend Classes or Seminars, please contact Ed by emailing at:  You may also fill out a Class/Seminar/Lesson Application by Clicking Here! then email it to Ed.

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