Venus and Mars & A Picture of Wyatt


wyattPerhaps one day I will explain how the Venus and Mars Metaphor applies to how we adopted Wyatt.

All of us have classes that our dogs, and we as handlers, perform better at… and some classes not as consistent. For some it’s ‘Touch ‘N Go’ with those darn contacts, for others ‘Weavers’ with entry or speed issues, perhaps ‘Chances’ with those handler restrictions, and yet others simply “putting it all together” in ‘Regular’. Well at one point early in his agility career, I thought about changing Wyatt’s name to “One Bar”. My notes so often after trials… at least for Wyatt continually read “1 bar”… “1 bar” …”1 bar”.

As a team, like many of you, we first had to go through all the ups and downs of trial and “handler” errors. This “forever puppy” is no doubt my boy and I had to be careful to split my time between Tank and him since Cathy eventually took back to running Luke. You see Tank and I are linked in some fundamental interwoven-fabric kind of way. Soon Wyatt and I were building our own similar connection and he needed to feel just as important in the chain of our expanding family.

So Wyatt and I conquered his ‘bar’ issues. For over one year at 20″, he hit maybe a couple bars and no doubt those were my fault…timing, too much verbal, etc. Still, it took me a while to understand that Wyatt was happiest jumping 16″ even though he had years jumping higher. Then came our entry into the Skilled Category…Another reason we love NADAC. Finally earlier last year we made the move from 20″. For the past two years we have pushed and tried almost all courses from further distance. Now his skills have jettisoned him into position as the Top Distance Agility dog in Texas, one of the best on the continent and possibly the world.

I will tell you this; you would be very hard pressed to find a happier dog …at the start, during the runs or at the finish even occasionally creating “our own course”. Sometimes those numbered cones seemed like they were just there for decoration. Pretty orange, blue, green, red colors too… just decorations!

What a happy boy… and very happy, very proud, handler. Today, my puppy, who is now a man dog but still my “forever puppy”, and I are linked. Make no mistake he is my boy. Does he care that I make mistakes? Not really. Does he know about Q’s? No. Does he know we are partners? I submit…most definitely. Does this sound like any of you and your dogs? I am quite sure… Yes!!!

So Love ‘em And Let ‘em Run. Run ALL the Runs…That’s what you’re there for. The Q’s will come… sometimes…. and so what if they don’t!

Below are a few videos of Wyatt’s distance runs on our YouTube Channel. He is truly amazing! He placed Third in SuperStakes just last year!

Lastly, Since a picture is worth a thousand words I will spare you more on Wyatt… for now. Yet, if you want to see my goofy happy boy in his “zone”, look at some of the pictures. It speaks volumes about him. By the way, ever see our version of a black and white American Kangaroo?

Wyatt’s Videos

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